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Colliers celebrates 125 years: Taking risks and making moves

Colliers leaders Brian Rosen and Chris McLernon came together for a special episode of Colliers Talks.

Colliers is celebrating our 125th year of doing business in Canada. That's 125 years of leveraging our expertise and enterprising culture to accelerate the success of our people, clients and communities.

To commemorate this achievement, Colliers leaders Brian Rosen and Chris McLernon came together in Toronto for a special episode of Colliers Talks to honour our roots, highlight our achievements, and look to the future – a true Canadian success story that, despite our strong legacy, is really just getting started.

Takeaways from Chris and Brian’s conversation:

  • Colliers’ success over the decades, and our future growth, is rooted in an entrepreneurial ethos. Four our people, that has always meant taking risks, seeking opportunities and commanding your next move as an enterprising member of the team.
  • Over 125 years, the company has survived world wars, the Depression, the global financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and other major challenges. The organization has always been able to adjust and thrive amid those challenges, emerging stronger on the other side.
  • Colliers has gone through various changes and phases. From our origins in Vancouver as Macaulay Nicolls, to the merger in 1984 to become Colliers, to listing on the TSX and NASDAQ in 2015 as one of the top publicly-traded CRE firms in the world, we now have our sights set on doubling annual global revenue to $9 billion.
  • One of the key success factors is our decentralized model. It allows Colliers to be agile, and places decisions at the local, regional and national levels so we can move quickly with little bureaucracy.
  • Colliers has always “hunted in packs”. That means it's not just one service line engaging with clients, but united teams of experts across our service lines. We're not just there for the transaction; it's about solving clients' business problems by providing real estate solutions.

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