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GoBolt’s Mark Ang is on a mission to disrupt logistics


Mark Ang, the CEO and co-founder of GoBolt, has emerged as a change-maker in e-commerce logistics in Canada.

Ang joined Marc Kirshenbaum, executive vice-president with Colliers’ Brokerage operations in Toronto, to explore GoBolt's origins and growth as it leverages smart tech and electric delivery strategies.

Ang, who co-founded the company while a student at the University of Toronto, dishes on the journey GoBolt has taken to integrate technology and sustainability into e-commerce delivery and logistics, while also discussing with Kirshenbaum how demand from tech-forward logistics companies like GoBolt is causing shifts in the national warehousing/industrial market.

As a tech-enabled logistics provider catering to local e-commerce shops as well as national and international brands, GoBolt places a strong emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint of last-mile delivery while boosting the amount of delivery data available for both clients and customers.

Ang and Kirshenbaum cover the following topics:

  • GoBolt's journey: Explore the company's evolution from a B2C consumer storage model to a B2B logistics powerhouse, attracting key clients such as IKEA, Rove Concepts and Frank & Oak.
  • Development: Learn how GoBolt managed its rapid growth, particularly in terms of expanding its warehousing space.
  • Consumer and client experience: Gain insights into the data GoBolt provides customers and clients, leveraging technology to boost efficiency.
  • Sustainability and ESG: Discover how GoBolt embarked on sustainable practices and adopted technology, aligning with its commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Industrial logistics space: Learn how companies like GoBolt are rethinking their industrial warehousing needs, and how their operations will dictate the types of warehouses they'll want to see in the market.
  • Changing landlord perspectives: Why Ang thinks landlords need to start thinking of their tenants as customers instead of as paycheques.

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