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CRE Talks
Adam Jacobs Senior National Director, Research, Colliers Canada
Darrell Hurst Darrell Hurst, Senior Managing Director, Brokerage, Colliers
Jean-Marc Dubé and Arnold Fox Colliers Montreal

RBC’s Claire Fan paints the national economic picture

Adam Jacobs Commercial Interest Rates National 3 days ago

Claire Fan joined Adam Jacobs for CRE Talks in Toronto to take a deep dive into the Canadian economy, the implications of today's elevated interest rates, and where things might go from here.

GoBolt’s Mark Ang is on a mission to disrupt logistics

Colliers Canada Commercial Logistics National Aug. 11 2023

Mark Ang, the CEO and co-founder of GoBolt, has emerged as a change-maker in e-commerce logistics in Canada. Ang joined Colliers' Marc Kirshenbaum to explore GoBolt's origins and growth as it leverages smart tech and electric delivery strategies.


PCI and Vancouver's Broadway Plan

Darrell Hurst Commercial Development Metro Vancouver Jul. 18 2023

Press “play” and obtain insights, straight from the source, on the Broadway Plan: the opportunities and challenges it presents, how PCI and other developers are responding, and key sectors poised to be drawn to the revitalized Broadway Corridor.

Rosefellow founders Mike Jager, Sam Tsoumas: industrial real estate’s disruptors

Jean-Marc Dubé and Arnold Fox Commercial Development National Jul. 14 2023

The co-founders of non-traditional Montreal-based industrial developer and management firm Rosefellow explore the sector from their unique, and disruptive, perspectives.  

Flex office space: The next evolution

Commercial Office National Jul. 5 2023

“What is the future of the office?” is a question dominating conversations within commercial real estate and in workplaces. With the rise of hybrid work, every company is making decisions on the evolution of their office strategy. 

KingSett's Jon Love doesn't shy away from CRE's biggest challenges

Commercial Market Trends National Jun. 29 2023

Canada's commercial property market is facing political, social and economic challenges. For Jon Love, the founder and CEO of KingSett Capital, there's no use sitting around complaining about the problems without also thinking about solutions and generating action.

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