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Lockourier Canada speeds parcel locker advancements

The world as we knew it has changed and motivated large shifts in how people manage every facet o...


Locker Hybrid installation at 12 & 16 Yonge St. Toronto. Pinnacle Centre Condos

The world as we knew it has changed and motivated large shifts in how people manage every facet of their lives. Technology has changed the way they work and shop, and housing is at the epicentre of this upheaval.

Online ordering and home deliveries have exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic and package delivery lockers being installed in Canada’s multi-residential buildings became the norm overnight. One of the biggest concerns in the industry is how thousands of packages can be managed daily.

Giant leaps forward in technology, contactless proptech and smart buildings have become fundamental to the design of apartments, condominiums, and office campuses. These are now a necessity to enrich the resident, employee, and student experience.

See how Lockourier provides contactless and touchless locker deliveries (VIDEO)

Lockourier provides solutions

Lockourier Canada is ideally positioned to solve these problems, having engineered solutions for all markets to ensure people stay safe and healthy while businesses keep flowing. Physical and environmental changes since COVID-19 hit have brought discussions of parcel lockers to the forefront with schools, libraries, universities, colleges, municipalities and Canada Post.

Toronto-based Lockourier is a trusted partner to the likes of CAPREIT, RioCan REIT, Deveraux, Bosa, RBC and many others. While it configures technology designed by California-based Luxer One, final assembly, installation and support are performed in Canada.

The systems have a lifetime warranty with signature support. Everything is backed by ASSA ABLOY Group, a multi-billion-dollar company that delivers such other quality brands as Medeco, HID and Yale.

Condo developers and boards researching the market wanted peer feedback. According to the most recent “Package Delivery Report” by the National Multifamily Housing Council and Kingsley — which surveyed thousands of property managers, residents and others — Lockourier’s lockers by Luxer One were voted the number one package locker solution in multi-family.

“Our commitment is to keep Canadians working,” says Lockourier chief executive officer Joseph Collins. “Our staff in Canada deliver the most innovative package lockers on the planet.

“We and our design partners employ over 200 team members across North America, supporting families. There is a premium to this, importing from San Francisco as opposed to overseas.

“Our commitment provides several valuable advantages to our clients. First and foremost, every locker is built to CSA standards. Then we deliver those lockers in just weeks. This is simply not achievable by Canadian suppliers importing from Asia, typically certifying to UL and shipped from overseas. We chose Luxer One to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients and believe it is important, now more than ever, to support local.”

Learn about our Luxer One Product, CSA Quality Manufacturing Process (VIDEO)

“When clients decide they have a problem with package deliveries, they want it solved now, not in three months,” says Atlantic Canada director Dylan Millward. “From production, our lockers can be delivered to customers and installed in just weeks.”

Market adaptation

Canada’s interior design and architecture community is picking up the pace, specifying the inclusion of package lockers and smart rooms in condos and offices. Industry-leading groups, such as Tridel with II by IV Design, began standardizing with Lockourier at Tridel’s first property that incorporated two package locker systems: Toronto’s Aqualina in 2017.

Luxer One systems have been installed and supported across Canada, including with The Home Depot. Orders for lockers and parcel rooms have now eclipsed 6,000 across North America.

“Our team, along with Luxer One, the largest North American manufacturer with over 6,000 parcel lockers and smart package rooms installed, are leaders in the industry.

“That experience is invaluable to our clients” says executive sales director Craig Cameron. “We are the only Canadian company providing all of these – iOS and Android apps with truly touchless bluetooth pick-up, assistive technology for the disabled, commercial-grade TRUE MFG fridge lockers and the Canadian markets’ first Locker+LuxerRoom hybrid installed with BOSA Properties, Deveraux Developments, the upcoming SCALA with Tridel and more.

“The benefit to our hybrid is lower investment cost and higher package volume capacity over lockers alone. Pay less and get more, period.”

A parcel solution for a 150-unit condo can cost as little as $350 per month, including 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty.

How the parcel lockers work

Buildings are assigned unique codes for each carrier, such as UPS and Canada Post. Lockourier provides each carrier with their unique code, which they may use to make locker deliveries.

“Unstaffed buildings will absolutely benefit from Lockourier, as our exclusive software is easily connected to the strata front door call box, providing automated restricted access to trusted carriers without staff input,” says Western Canada director Hector Gonzalez. “Just one more perfectly simple solution to our clients’ requests.”

There are no official carrier-approved lockers in Canada. Lockourier achieves carrier adoption by enabling the quickest and simplest carrier deliveries, which can be done in as little as 10 seconds.

See Canada’s quickest delivery and how it works for package couriers (VIDEO)

Lockourier staff coordinates with all major carriers, including Amazon, to allow them to quickly make all their deliveries throughout Canada. Using call box technology where there’s no front desk staff makes for happy carriers and no “Sorry we missed you” sticky notes.

“With the ability to manage their deliveries through their iOS and Android apps, we provide our clients with the safety of physical distancing, removing the need to interact with staff and allowing for a truly contactless pick-up,” says Cameron. “You can even open the locker from your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone.”

Lockourier technology meets needs

Nest-brand cameras are integrated into the security system and video recordings are monitored by a 10-member video review team.

“We quickly realized in 2016 that a DVR camera system offered by competitors had inherent problems, including local building staff having to monitor and fix them,” says Collins.

“We felt it was like adding a VCR from 1980 to a cutting-edge technology. It just didn’t make sense to us.”

The lockers are customizable, even after installation, and are built on a heavy-duty steel exoskeleton. Compartments are configured based on clients’ current delivery sizes, which can be changed in the future if those change.

“We offer the distinct advantage of flexibility to adapt to future needs at properties,” says Millward. “This innovation pays tremendous dividends as e-commerce patterns change over the locker investment lifetime of 20 years and more.”

All Lockourier systems are multilingual and offered in French, Spanish and English.

Lockourier’s Luxer One products are engineered to meet disability acts across Canada and Standards Council of Canada and CSA Group guidelines. The company’s high commitment to privacy of information fully complies with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act standard.

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