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StorageVault launches flexible last-mile solution: FlexSpace Logistics

StorageVault Canada continues to push forward with a consistent focus on growth and innovation to...

Commercial Logistics National Apr. 20 2021 SPONSORED

StorageVault Canada continues to push forward with a consistent focus on growth and innovation to give customers the very best experience possible.

FlexSpace Logistics

With great anticipation, StorageVault is leveraging its extensive business expertise to offer an end-to-end last mile business solution, with storage, logistics and inventory management services, helping you get your goods from manufacturer to warehouse to customer and everywhere in between, effectively through FlexSpace Logistics. Adding logistics services to the offering, provides customers with a reliable one-stop shop for all things business.

With over 13MM+ sqft of space across Canada in over 210 communities, we are confident there is no location too far, no request too small or too large that we cannot service, either through our own facilities or through our vetted 3PL network partners.

FlexSpace was created to serve the small to mid-sized business market looking for flexible storage solutions because of their ever-changing business needs and demands; a market we believe has previously been poorly served. As FlexSpace Logistics developed, we found our network was able to offer not only business storage for smaller and mid-sized businesses, but also a wide range of solutions for larger businesses as well; handling everything from logistics, last-mile delivery, cross-docking, palletization, outdoor industrial storage, portable storage containers, record storage, fulfilment, and inventory management.

As a StorageVault Canada brand, FlexSpace Logistics has the resources, experience, and capacity that no company in the space can match, making us the ideal destination to find a perfect solution for businesses. The process is simple; visit the site, click “Get a Quote”, fill in your unique business needs, location, etc. and we will provide you with the perfect solution, anywhere in Canada. It is that simple!

The primary objective for StorageVault is to provide customers with convenience and satisfaction. The FlexSpace Logistics network portal will take the headache out of entering new markets, finding reliable warehouse partners, flexible storage, and getting your goods from A-to-B-to-C, among others.

Below are two use-cases of how our services have been used by both growing small businesses and larger businesses. For privacy reasons, we will not be sharing the company names or details.

Our small business client – we will call them ABC Scarves

ABC Scarves was operating from her apartment selling on Etsy. Her demand was increasing steadily from 20 scarves a week to 25 to 30 and on over the last month. While sales were increasing, the space in her apartment was getting quite condensed with all the extra products and supplies she had to order, making it uncomfortable to move around in her own home. ABC Scarves reached out to us about storing her products because the space needed today could be different than the space needed tomorrow. We provided her with a storage space 3 minutes from her residence in Vancouver with flexible space that can be increased or downsized as her needs change, giving her the freedom to store her products, paying only for the space she uses, inevitably clearing up space in her apartment to walk around comfortably. Now every 3 nights, she goes to her space, picks up the products sold and ships them using our last-mile delivery partner accessible on from her apartment. We spoke with ABC Scarves to understand how her experience working with us was, and we were thrilled that this solution of flexible storage space was exactly what she was looking for and did not know was an option prior to talking with us!

Our Larger Business Client – Company LMN

LMN is a larger Lighting company based in Montreal that was undergoing warehousing renovations. Due to delays in the renovations, LMN had no good options for storing their latest shipments of products for 3 months. Within 24 hours, we were able to find 3 warehouse partners only a 10 minutes drive from LMN’s current location, eventually choosing the warehouse that provided them with the flexible space they were looking for.

These are just two examples of the many customers who have relied on us to find them the perfect solution and left completely satisfied.

FlexSpace Logistics will continue to grow and better our offerings every day to make sure we can provide our customers with exactly what they need. When you join the FlexSpace Logistics family, you understand what a great customer experience truly is!

FlexSpace Logistics

Website: FlexSpace Logistics

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