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Real Estate by the Numbers
Volodya Gusak President, Denciti Development

Navigating the intricate relationship between real estate and the economy

Volodya Gusak Commercial Interest Rates National Mar. 4 2024

Simple logic says that when rates go down, the economy gets a boost and so does real estate. The reverse is also true. However, reality is rarely that simple. 

Riding the real estate roller-coaster: The uncertainty of inflation

Volodya Gusak Commercial Strategy National Jan. 19 2023

What is inflation? What caused it in 2022? Why is it hard to predict? What are the differences between 2022 and 1970s inflation? LEt's examine the issue, and its impact on real estate. 

Developing great real estate is how to overcome 'Reality Privilege'

Volodya Gusak Commercial Human Resources National Dec. 20 2022

“Reality Privilege” is a real-world environment, rich in experiences, that is available to very few. It offers an environment with beautiful settings, plenty of stimulation and fascinating people.

Predicting market cycles: How to be less wrong – Chapter 2

Volodya Gusak Residential Market Trends National Jun. 30 2022
In 2008, it took two months from the crash for countries to begin printing money. In 2020, it took just two weeks. We heard “inflation is not a problem”, then we heard “it is transitory” and yet . . .

Vancouver’s proposed empty stores tax is not the best approach

Volodya Gusak Commercial Shopping Centres Metro Vancouver Jun. 8 2022
Vancouver City Council recently proposed the creation of an empty stores tax to reduce vacant storefronts. The goal would be to discourage speculators from buying and keeping properties vacant. Let’s talk about this. Reducing vacant storefronts and stimulating small businesses

Crypto and real estate: What you need to know

Volodya Gusak Residential Market Trends National Jan. 18 2022
If you opened this article expecting to read how crypto is going to solve the housing affordability crisis, I have bad news. It won’t. Crypto is not a miracle to solve all problems, but it is one of the most

Innovation, technology to drive the future of industrial CRE

Volodya Gusak Commercial Logistics National Sep. 15 2021
In the late 1800s, people commuted by horse carriages and streetcars. Transportation of goods was expensive and cities and industrial facilities grew next to ports and railway lines. All that was about to change. The invention of the automobile redefined

The future of retail real estate . . . is exciting

Volodya Gusak Commercial Market Trends National Aug. 13 2021
Innovation, often thought of as the future of business, has given rise to everything from new programming languages in software engineering all the way down to just-in-time manufacturing. The same holds true for real estate; innovation has been changing things

Predicting market cycles: How to be less wrong

Volodya Gusak Commercial Market Trends National May. 12 2021
During the year 1720, shares of Great Britain’s South Sea Company (SSC) rose to 10 times their value within a few months. This company was a public-private partnership that found a way to convert debt to equity. Spoiler alert –

Predictably wrong: Forecasts and real estate investment

Volodya Gusak Residential Strategy National Mar. 11 2021
In early 2008, the five-year default rate for AAA-rated collateralized debt obligations (CDO) was 0.12 per cent. The Standard & Poor (S&P) rating meant the predicted default occurred only 0.12 per cent of the time, but in late 2008 the

Articulate optimists: A caution for investors

Volodya Gusak Commercial Investors National Jan. 11 2021
Investing in the “next big thing” can be as satisfying as making a 10-foot putt on a rough green. Unfortunately, high yield usually means high volatility and risk, and therefore investing long-term seems smarter. That’s why in 1994, Long-Term Capital

‘Benevolent dolphins’ and the non-symmetrical nature of RE gains and losses

Volodya Gusak Residential Development National Nov. 18 2020
Some people are born gamblers, always willing to invest their money on the long shot. Yet we seldom see real estate investments as a gamble. Technology startups fail often and we know about them. We are less likely to hear

The impact of monetary policy on stocks, real estate during the pandemic

Volodya Gusak Residential Market Trends National Oct. 8 2020
Wake up, have a coffee, read the news. The first article is about the U.S. handling of the pandemic, and it is terrible. Add to that political troubles, trade wars, record unemployment and the struggling economy. Is it any wonder

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