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Property Biz Canada

Property Biz Canada »

Featured Columns

The Title Page »
Title insurance: Helping you get the deal closed
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2015-10-21
In previous columns I’ve discussed the usefulness of title insurance, particularly in relation to claims and fraud scenarios. In this...
Capital Commentary »
Choosing the right term for your property
As a lender and financing professional, I am asked all the time what term option is the most common in...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
Applause for industry support of arts and culture
Applause (and, as far as I’m concerned, some hooting and hollering) is due to every real estate developer out there...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
Finding long-term investment ops in Trudeau’s activist plan
It’s a brave new world in Canada these days, with a new Liberal federal government that promises to be much...
The Numbers Game »
Is housing about affordability or desirability?
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2015-11-04
Earlier this month, I attended the Urban Land Institute’s first Toronto Symposium, a conference intended to foster debate on city...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
CRE sales and changes to Saskatchewan’s environment act
In commercial real estate, we wear many hats. It’s a neat career in that we get to learn every day...
The Long View »
Why we love the Prairies
Richard Crenian | The Long View | 2015-11-18
Lately, people have been looking at me with concern and asking “Are you OK?” They knowReDev Properties Canada has a...
The Apartment Building Expert »
The role of the asset manager in rental apartment buildings
In my two most recent columns, we discussed what asset management was and how it enabled owners of and investors...
REALpac REports »
REALpac reviews platforms as election day nears
Steve McLean | REALpac REports | 2015-10-14
The winner of the longest Canadian federal election campaign in history will be declared in four days, and there doesn’t...
BOMA Canada News »
Strategic Group earns 50 BOMA BEST certifications
Steve McLean | BOMA Canada News | 2015-10-28
Strategic Group has received simultaneous BOMA BEST certifications for 50 buildings in its Calgary portfolio in recognition of their environmental...
Mortgages by Atrina »
Borrowing with the purchase plus improvements program
If you fall in love with a fixer-upper, you may find yourself in a tough spot figuring out how to...
The Better Buildings Breakfast »
Corporate Sustainability Reporting: The Morguard Experience
For the November 27, 2014 Better Buildings Breakfast we are honoured to have Derek Billsman, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability,...

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