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Property Biz Canada

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Featured Columns

The Title Page »
The ‘duty’ of title insurance
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2015-09-15
“Duty to defend” is a valuable benefit included in every title insurance policy, be it loan, owner, residential or commercial....
Capital Commentary »
Need to raise equity? Try a second mortgage
Looking for options on your property can be a challenge, especially when the mortgage is in mid-term since the term...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Apartment construction helps housing market
The housing market in Canada continued to defy expectations over the summer. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released some good...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
Douglas Coupland on boomers, noise and high heels
For my latest book, The Stackable Boomer, we asked author, artist and designer Douglas Coupland for his thoughts on baby...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
The competitive challenges of Ottawa’s Rideau BIA
There was a kerfuffle between the City of Ottawa and one particular group of local businesses recently over a three-year...
REALpac REports »
Canadian companies rank highly in GRESB survey
Steve McLean | REALpac REports | 2015-09-23
Canadian property companies and private equity real estate funds ranked 11 points above the global average in the newly released...
BOMA Canada News »
BOMA Canada honours nation’s best buildings
Steve McLean | BOMA Canada News | 2015-09-23
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada honoured the winners of its national awards on Sept. 17 as part...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
The CRE termination clause and why it may not work
There are many terms and clauses in commercial real estate leases and sifting through all the legalese can be quite...
The Numbers Game »
Investors are reshaping the Toronto high-rise condo market
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2015-09-01
The average unsold new condominium in the Greater Toronto Area suburbs was 865 square feet, according to June data from...
Mortgages by Atrina »
Borrowing with the purchase plus improvements program
If you fall in love with a fixer-upper, you may find yourself in a tough spot figuring out how to...
The Better Buildings Breakfast »
Corporate Sustainability Reporting: The Morguard Experience
For the November 27, 2014 Better Buildings Breakfast we are honoured to have Derek Billsman, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability,...

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