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The Apartment Building Expert »
Millennials and seniors have different apartment needs
A colleague of mine recently reminisced about his first apartment after university. This was 20 years ago. He’d found a...
Capital Commentary »
The cost of deferred maintenance
Capital work is expensive. When replacing or refurbishing the major components of a property, costs can rise and rise rapidly....
The Title Page »
Title Insurance: More than just “title”
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2015-05-06
Hello and welcome to The Title Page! This is the first in a series of articles aimed at giving you...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
Brace yourself – choppy waters ahead for housing market: Part 2, a Toronto-based listing service that tracks rental opportunities across the country, recently released a telling, and damning, infographic about...
REALpac REports »
Energy efficiency trending the right way: REALpac
Paul Brent | REALpac REports | 2015-03-06
Although individual buildings and properties are routinely singled out as energy-saving superstars, it has been difficult to get a clear...
BOMA Canada News »
BOMA BESt issues national green building report
Steve McLean | BOMA Canada News | 2015-05-08
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) BESt certifications were awarded to 562 Canadian buildings in 2014, pushing the total number...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Five key benefits of commercial real estate investing
In an earlier blog post titled “Mainstream media’s obsession with the equities market,” I made a general comparison between investing in...
The Numbers Game »
How do real estate professionals prepare for the next big crash?
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2015-05-10
I fell into real estate research as a career nearly 15 years ago. I’ve tracked millions of numbers, followed thousands...
Mortgages by Atrina »
What real estate agents should know about mortgage financing
Mortgage brokers and real estate agents share a common goal – helping clients find and finance the right property. But...
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