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Property Biz Canada

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Featured Columns

The Title Page »
You think real estate fraud only happens on residential deals? Think again
Eric Haslett | The Title Page | 2015-05-07
When FCT brought title insurance to Canada well over 20 years ago, it was because our founders saw an opportunity...
Capital Commentary »
Lenders love debt service coverage ratio
There are a few ratios lenders use to measure and control risk when granting a mortgage. A favourite is the...
The Apartment Building Expert »
Retrofits can save energy and money
It’s getting to be a greener world out there. Not only are alternative energy sources gaining ground in the marketplace,...
Let's Make Things Interesting »
What’s this column all about?
Well, it’s not going to be about any one thing, I know that much for sure.I spent the last 10...
Value: Weighed and Measured »
Stop signs, traffic control and practical economics
Ahh, summer. Lazy, hazy days meant to be spent outdoors. The kids are off school and long evenings beg for...
REALpac REports »
Energy efficiency trending the right way: REALpac
Paul Brent | REALpac REports | 2015-03-06
Although individual buildings and properties are routinely singled out as energy-saving superstars, it has been difficult to get a clear...
BOMA Canada News »
All the reasons you should attend BOMEX 2015
The Canadian commercial real estate industry’s annual premier event is coming up in less than three months, and BOMEX 2015...
The Saskatchewan Edge »
Key benefits of elevated ceilings
For reasons that can be very different, there are some significant benefits to high ceilings in commercial real estate buildings....
The Numbers Game »
How do real estate professionals prepare for the next big crash?
Ben Myers | The Numbers Game | 2015-05-10
I fell into real estate research as a career nearly 15 years ago. I’ve tracked millions of numbers, followed thousands...
Mortgages by Atrina »
Will price drops help first-time buyers?
With sky-high housing prices in many real estate markets – a recent Vancity study predicts that without intervention the average detached...
The Better Buildings Breakfast »
Corporate Sustainability Reporting: The Morguard Experience
For the November 27, 2014 Better Buildings Breakfast we are honoured to have Derek Billsman, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability,...

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