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Why Ontario's property tax assessment system needs annual reassessments

Robert Brazzell Commercial Taxes Ontario Oct. 20 2022

Property taxation in what is now Canada existed before Confederation. Over time, distinct systems have developed in each province built on a common foundation — property assessment based on market value.

Reform of Metro Vancouver’s planning regulations needed for TODs

Lilian Kan Residential Affordable Housing Metro Vancouver Oct. 14 2022

Metro Vancouver's population is projected to grow by one million residents by 2041. A recent Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation study estimates that, if growth rates continue, we need an additional 570,000 homes to achieve affordability by 2030.

Research shows grads’ post-pandemic workplace views, preferences

Eliezer Timolien Commercial Market Trends National Jul. 26 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many facets of the world of work. For those currently employed, changes occurred. On the reverse, post-secondary graduates transitioning into the workforce must navigate the professional world amid an abrupt shift in which norms are

Reshaping our office space offers opportunity to attract, retain talent

Bonita Craig & Robyn Baxter Residential Market Trends National Jun. 2 2022
After more than two years of remote work, many businesses are planning or implementing a return to the office as we move toward post-pandemic recovery. Data released by Microsoft revealed 52 per cent of people are likely to consider transitioning

Calgary’s industrial market is showing serious strength

Adam Grisack Commercial Market Trends Calgary Apr. 25 2022
Calgary is in the midst of an industrial real estate boom. The pandemic has fuelled a rapid rise in e-commerce activity and demand for warehouse space, causing vacancy rates to tumble across the country. As we enter the second quarter

Thinking beyond retail: B malls ripe for redevelopment as community hubs

Janina Franceschutti Commercial Market Trends National Mar. 2 2022
Canadians need more motivation than ever to leave their homes, to visit stores and to spend their money.  The opinion, however, that retail in Canada is dying has been debunked. Retail is stronger than you think and retail will never

Taxation, wealth transfer issues loom large for family apt. building businesses

Tyler Dolan and Karl Innanen Residential Buying and Selling National Jan. 27 2022
Learning from the experiences and close calls of others can be valuable. Recently, we engaged with a client in Ontario who was considering selling the family farm. The family had been approached by a buyer who offered $1 million for

Burnaby, Mississauga epitomize rise of towering big-city suburbs

Daniel Holmes and Darrell Hurst Residential Market Trends Toronto / GTA Jan. 10 2022
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second instalment of a two-part series that looks at our densifying suburban cities in Metro Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area.  On the projects at 4444 Kingsway, Gatineau Place, Concord Metrotown and Two Gilmore

Canada’s buildings are becoming bigger, bolder ‘placemakers’

Daniel Holmes and Darrell Hurst Residential Market Trends National Dec. 13 2021
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a two-part series that looks at our densifying suburban cities in Metro Vancouver and the GTA. Canada’s big-city buildings are changing. We’re jamming in more uses, more amenities and more people into bigger,

Bigger, stacked buildings and tech keys to future-proofing warehousing

Colin Alves & Jean-Marc Dube Commercial Development National Nov. 23 2021
It’s no secret Canada’s big-city industrial markets are out of balance. For too long, there’s been too much demand and too little space. That’s an especially pressing issue when it comes to warehouse space in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, which

Community building at commercial sites key to enhancing asset value

Shiri Rosenberg Commercial Sustainability National Nov. 1 2021
Imagine the perfect city. What would be in that city? How would the spaces and people interact? Our cities are made up of buildings, so how we manage those buildings and how we curate the spaces around them plays a

Canada’s rental apartment has evolved and investors should look beyond cap rates

Karl Innannen Residential Market Trends National Sep. 16 2021
If only I knew then what I know now. In 1994, I brokered the sale by Manulife of a 456-suite apartment building in Kitchener for $18 million. The building’s cap rate was 11%. The buyers politely suggested I invest my

The ‘Wild East’: The promising future of Montreal’s industrial market

Jean-Marc Dubé and Arnold Fox Commercial Market Trends Greater Montreal Jul. 27 2021
Reminiscent of the Wild West – this is the best way to describe what the Montreal industrial landscape will be like in the next six to 12 months as demand for space outpaces supply. Pre-pandemic, Montreal, while lagging behind other

Record demand, supply woes, hungry buyers: Rental apt. building snapshot, Part II

Colliers National Multifamily Team, East, Colliers Residential Buying and Selling Toronto / GTA Jun. 15 2021
Before the pandemic struck, the purpose-built rental apartment market was one of the soundest asset classes in Canadian commercial real estate. Though apartment building deal-making slowed down a year ago along with everything else during the first-wave lockdown, the appetite

Resiliency, immigration, investment hunger: A rental apartment building market snapshot

National Multifamily Team, Colliers Residential Market Trends Metro Vancouver May. 28 2021
One of the stories of our lives over the past 14 months has been the transformative shift from office to work-from-home. However, what we may not have been so quick to discuss or assess is the multifamily rental homes around

Canadian retail in 2021: Stronger than you think

Jane Domenico and Madeleine Nicholls Commercial Ecommerce National May. 19 2021
You might not know it by visiting the nation’s shopping centres nor by scrolling through the news, but retail sales in Canada are up from last year. Disposable income that might previously have been put toward holidays and dining out

Canada’s hotel industry shows signs of recovery, resilience

Robin McLuskie and Alam Pirani Commercial Market Reports National Apr. 28 2021
Last year, with general uncertainty blanketing the hotel sector and almost two-thirds of hotel rooms sitting empty across Canada, there was a dramatic decline in hotel investment deals. Hotel investors were sitting in a no-bid market with less than 50

Dear Diary: Snapshots from 1 year of CRE work-from-home

Lex Perry Residential Executives National Apr. 15 2021
A little over a year into the pandemic and thus, the “Great Work-from-Home Experiment”, I’m sharing with you some lighthearted excerpts from my journal. These “Dear Diary” entries depict a year in the life, as my team and I navigated

Five things to watch for in Canada’s industrial market during 2021

Peter Garrigan Commercial Development National Feb. 22 2021
When we compare Canada’s industrial property market to the other commercial asset classes through 2020, it’s clear industrial land and buildings maintained a steadiness not seen in other sectors during this pandemic. Industrial land is still trading at record prices,

Property tax assessments should be reviewed quickly – with a professional

Brendan Neeson Commercial Taxes National Jan. 15 2021
There’s an old saying that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. For thousands of business owners across the country, increasing commercial property taxes have become a burden they can no longer bear. Appealing a property

Productivity rethink must drive office space planning

Sarah Bramley and Amy Vuong Commercial Market Trends National Dec. 7 2020
As Canadian companies position themselves in the coming weeks, months and even years to redefine their workspaces and offices, it’s important not to lose sight of how these spaces will drive or hinder worker productivity and our sense of well-being.

The value of prompt, accurate appraisals and how to make them count 

Scott Bowden Residential Investors National Nov. 2 2020
In today’s day and age where volatility seems to be the norm, the ability to provide comprehensive information on a real estate asset in a speedy fashion has become crucial. The current COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many people onto the