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Real World of Real Estate
Gerald Tostowaryk Broker / Manager

Midyear 2023 Alberta economic, housing, multiresidential rental update

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Apartments Calgary Jun. 23 2023

Host Gerald Tostowaryk provides an update on the Alberta economy, and offers insights into how it relates to recent housing and multifamily real estate trends in the province.

Revitalizing urban cores, with Edmonton's Downtown Recovery Coalition

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Downtown Edmonton May. 15 2023

Alex Hryciw, chair of the Downtown Recovery Coalition in Edmonton, joins host Gerald Tostowaryk to explore issues which are affecting both the Alberta capital and many other urban areas across Canada.

Entire Agreement clauses with attorney Daniel Waldman

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Legal National May. 1 2023

Today the podcast takes a deep dive into Entire Agreement clauses and their application within the commercial real estate industry.


An engineer's perspective on CRE building inspections

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Buying and Selling National Apr. 3 2023

Professional engineer Trent Thompson returns to discuss building inspections, which are often a requirement as part of financing and due diligence for commercial and multiresidential building acquisitions.

A primer on environmental site assessments

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Legal National Mar. 22 2023

Professional engineer Trent Thompson of Bolson Engineering and Environmental joins host Gerald Tostowaryk to offer a primer about environmental site assessments.

Industry insider Tom Dunkel on the self-storage sector

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Self-Storage Edmonton Mar. 15 2023

Tom Dunkel of Belrose Self-Storage joins host Gerald Tostowaryk to discuss the ins and outs of the self-storage industry as an investment vehicle.

2023 Canada rental market update

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Apartments National Feb. 27 2023

Paul Danison of shares a review of residential rental rates in 2022 and how things are shaping up for 2023 all across Canada.

2023 mortgage finance market update: Commercial and residential

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Mortgages National Feb. 10 2023

Three prominent Alberta-based real estate mortgage brokers, two from the commercial sector and one from the residential sector, discuss the factors at play in various markets today and how things could play out in 2023.


2023 Alberta commercial real estate market update

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Industrial Alberta Jan. 27 2023

In his second annual Alberta market forecast, host Gerald Tostowaryk gathers six CRE professionals with expertise across the major sectors to share their thoughts on key trends and happenings during 2022, and what they expect in 2023.

A career in CRE, with Curtis Way of RMS Developments

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Real Estate Companies Edmonton Jan. 17 2023

Curtis Way of RMS Developments Inc. shares the story of his entry into the construction and development industry, and eventually to founding and growing is own company.

A deep dive into the CRE mortgage process

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Financing National Dec. 28 2022

This week host Gerald Tostowaryk and guest Jared Danbrook of BMO take an in-depth look at the commercial mortgage process.

CRE leadership development with CREW's Laura Way-Olenek

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Human Resources Edmonton Dec. 15 2022

Laura Way-Olenek, the president of the Edmonton chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), joins host Gerald Tostowaryk.

Industrial market trends in Vancouver and the B.C. Lower Mainland

Commercial Industrial Metro Vancouver Nov. 25 2022

Andrew Creighton of BC Building Science discusses many aspects of the Industrial marketplace in the Vancouver area ith host Gerald Tostowaryk.

Parking challenges and innovations: Zipstall's Kevin Petterson

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Infrastructure National Nov. 14 2022

Kevin Petterson of the Zipstall parking app joins host Gerald Tostowaryk to talk about everything you ever wanted to know about the world of parking (especially downtown parking) but were afraid to ask.

Real estate investing in pre-sale projects and more

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Brokers National Nov. 9 2022

Vince Taylor of Pilothouse Real Estate joins host Gerald Tostowaryk to discuss strategies and ideas for real estate investors.


The Wandering Investor explores international investments

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Investment International Oct. 19 2022

Ladislas Maurice travels the world seeking out investments for a variety of client needs. In this episode he discusses his process and investing in countries ranging from Columbia to Turkey to Uzbekistan . . .

Podcast: Trends and tips for international real estate investing

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Buying and Selling International Aug. 24 2022
  Podcast: The Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Richard Silver of Sotheby’s International Realty offers insights into a recent report on the trends of Canadians buying in the U.S. and abroad, international

Podcast: Real estate marketing strategy with Publish Partners

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Buying and Selling National Aug. 16 2022
Podcast: Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Max Jakubke, principal and founder of Publish Partners, and the firm’s digital marketing director Bianca Elliot discuss numerous strategies for effective online real estate marketing with host Gerald Tostowaryk. One of

Podcast: Multires rental market updates and insights

Gerald Tostowaryk Commercial Market Trends National Jul. 28 2022
Podcast: Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Paul Danison, who operates, joins Gerald Tostowaryk to discuss rental markets across much of Canada, including overall trends and some of the most sought-after amenities tenants are seeking. is

Podcast: Investing across borders with Lauren Cohen

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Investors National Jul. 19 2022
Podcast: The Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Lawyer, realtor and best-selling author Lauren Cohen joins host Gerald Tostowaryk for an episode which will be of interest to any investor considering making investments in the U.S.A., Mexico or

Podcast: Effective real estate marketing with Talk Shop Media

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Market Trends National Jun. 29 2022
Podcast: The Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Whether you are a real estate agent marketing yourself, a developer marketing a project, an owner marketing a property, or anyone with involvement in marketing in the real estate space,

Podcast: Proptech and the future of the renovation marketplace

Gerald Tostowaryk Residential Proptech National Jun. 22 2022
Podcast: The Real World of Real Estate with Gerald Tostowaryk Bertrand Nembot, CEO of online renovation contractor Billdr, discusses the renovation marketplace with host Gerald Tostowaryk. Part of Nembot’s business model is to employ proptech to offer consumers a unique

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