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North American Steel

North American Steel offers over 50 years of expertise in pallet racking and industrial storage. We design, engineer, manufacture, integrate and service the widest variety of pallet racking and industrial storage systems in Canada with multiple product lines, including Rollformed, Structural, Bolted, and Hybrid solutions.

Why transition to an automated storage system?

Shaun Schwartz Self-Storage May. 14 2024

Discover the pivotal moment for industrial clients to shift to automated storage. From increased efficiency and optimized space to cost and labour reductions, explore the strategic benefits of embracing advanced pallet retrieval systems in warehouse operations.

Rack synergy: How agents can boost client value

Shaun Schwartz Industrial Feb. 13 2024

Discover the transformative synergy between industrial agents and racking manufacturers, propelling beyond transactions to architects of operational excellence. This collaboration ensures optimal solutions, tailored layouts, and value-added services, making agents indispensable partners in clients' enduring success.

How to maximize storage in limited industrial space

Shaun Schwartz Commercial Industrial National Mar. 14 2023

In this article we discuss how industrial businesses can update and optimize their existing storage systems to combat rising industrial real estate costs and unavailability of new space.

Industrial real estate agents: Don’t forget the racking

Shaun Schwartz Commercial Industrial International Jan. 24 2023

In this article we discuss how and why Industrial Real Estate agents should be connecting with a pallet racking manufacturer for the benefit of their clients.

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